Wellness is intersectional. It is not enough to be free from disease or disability to be considered healthy. Your emotional and psychological wellbeing matter just as much as your physical. One of the ways to enhance emotional and psychological wellbeing is by practicing self-care. Self care is a buzz word right now but how often do we practice it?

People often forget to care for themselves. As we go on with our hectic lives, managing our various responsibilities and maintaining relationships, how often do we  wind down and take time for ourselves? When women spend time caring for others and neglect their needs, they often end up stressed, unhappy and have low self-esteem. Self-care is nurturing and being kind to yourself. This is recognizing your needs and finding ways of addressing them. Self-care can manifest itself in different ways, so what ways can we practice self-care?

Tips to practicing self-care daily:

  • Yoga

  • Take walks

  • Get enough sleep

  • Play outside
  • Get a screen-time break

  • Journal

  • Practice good hygiene

  • Engage in an art-form
  • Listen to empowering podcasts



All in all, take time to be kind to yourself and listen to your mind and body. Small acts of self-care can make allow you to live a more calm and fulfilling life.  How will you practice self-care today?





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